Gnome-body Works Alone!

Project Front Yard is a high-energy effort that’s sweeping the nation—or should I say, Gnome Nation—as garden gnomes and volunteers of Lafayette alike join forces to clean up the city! The mission is simple: To help the best parts of Lafayette bloom!

Join Yardley’s Efforts

“Overseer” of the project is Yardley, a 12-inch garden gnome with a passion for preservation! Under Yardley’s supervision, Project Front Yard has pushed preservation in Lafayette with projects such as: revitalization of gateways, improved streetscapes, litter removal and prevention, public art, river cleanup, and education.

To rake-in volunteers, we’ve created an official home-page for Gnome Nation. By following this link you’ll gain insight into what Gnome Nation is all about! Join other volunteers or create a project of your own. It would be a pleasure to get to “gnome” you!

“Don’t be a stick in the mud! Branch out and get involved in Gnome Nation Today!”

       –Yardley the Gnome

You Can Embrace This Space

Talk about boosting your team’s morale! Embrace This Space is a commitment by an organization or business to join forces with the Gnome Nation. They can act as advocates, beautifying a public space with quarterly litter cleanup events of a designated space.

Come up with a game plan that your business can engage in, even if it’s just wearing silly gnome caps for a day and discussing the importance of PFY.

To be annexed into the Gnome nation, the territory must be a minimum of either of the following options:

    • ½ mile on a four-lane divided roadway, or;
    • 1 mile on a two-lane undivided roadway, or;
    • 1 intersection, including all space within a radius of 200 feet from each street corner
    • A park, field or public space equaling to 1 acre, or an agreed upon area approved by a LCG representative

Business Participation Agreement, return the agreement to LCG and proudly display your decal on your business doors (Gnomes appreciate it).

To learn more about the Embrace This Space program, email us.


Gnome Nation

Hey y’all, its Yardley! Welcome to Gnome Nation, my new web-app and home where you can take action on making spaces in our community clean and green. Our community needs some home grown love and you are just the human to make it happen. None us want litter near our homes so take action today and login on to the Gnome Nation app and earn points for making Lafayette clean and beautiful!

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