Local gnomes partner up for innovative website with help from Project Front Yard and CGI

Recycled press – Entering its fifth year, Lafayette Parish’s Project Front Yard is at the forefront of clean-up initiatives in Louisiana, having entered negotiations with the Gnome Nation to build a user-friendly clean-up app.

The web-based portal allows users to maintain the beauty of their front yards and public spaces by subscribing to and attending projects. Users then earn badges and points for having participated.

Yardley, acting president of Gnome Nation, made an appearance outside his burrow for the treaty between local organizations PFY and CGI.

“It is with firm confidence,” Yardley said to a press crowd, “that the Gnome Nation will go on to make Lafayette a beautiful city, not just known for its back-yard parties but for its nature and wildlife.”

CGI, a Canadian based consulting firm with a cutting-edge technology center in Lafayette, worked alongside PFY Coordinator Skyra Rideaux to produce the website.

For every volunteer hour spent, there is an estimated increase in value to the environment of $22.60, Yardley added. He said he hopes to see people participating in projects so that “money really does grow on trees.”

Join the Gnome Nation team today by going to GnomeNation.lafayettela.gov!

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