As you may have guessed, Gnomes aren’t exactly known for being rich . . . rich in spirit, of course! But they’d much rather admire a tree and green plants than use them up for green money.

How your donation helps

Donations help in big and small ways and is evidenced in just how much PFY has grown over the past five years. With your support, PFY can continue fostering several benefits to the Lafayette community:

  • Promote fun and exciting projects and events in the community (ex. plogging and the Annual PFY awards)
  • Educate students and locals on the importance of the environment
  • Maintain the Gnome Nation app
  • Restore natural environments such as the Vermilion River, so people can enjoy canoeing
  • Give locals the opportunity to become leaders and advocate for a cause
  • Preserve the environment for future generations and gnomes to come

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