What is Project Front Yard?

Project Front Yard is a community-driven initiative that began under the auspices of Lafayette Consolidated Government to address a variety of needs facing Lafayette Parish, not the least of which was litter.

About Project Front Yard

Our worldwide reputation for amazing festivals, food, and music – our “backyard” — didn’t fit the image conveyed by our gateways and other highly visible spaces. So the community was encouraged to join the effort. Individuals and groups came forward with ideas, plans, and commitments to tackle everything from beautification to revitalization.

What began in the Fall of 2014 has become a far-reaching effort to restore our local environment, preserve what we already have, and advocate for future change in our local footprint. Together, government, business, education, media, and volunteers have taken steps towards creating a more beautiful and environmentally friendly parish – and neighboring parishes have asked to join us!

Transforming our landscape


From planting new trees and flowerbeds in schools and public spaces to pledging a cleanup of the Vermilion River, Project Front Yard has worked to make the experience enjoyable for all. You could say we’ve made beautification and revitalization part of the fun. Project Front Yard has gone from streets to neighborhoods to parish-wide efforts for ensuring we restore the vibrant image that’s just beneath the clutter.


It’s one thing to cleanup after a mess has been made, but preserving the quality of our environment poses another challenge. It’s the parks, wildlife, green spaces, and waterways that have consistently attracted people to our area; it’s part of our cultural character. We view these “front-yards” as assets and we hope to enrich our image by reducing waste at local events, educating our youth, and employing a variety of activities for preservation. After all, we can’t go paddling without a vibrant, flowing river.


We’ve already been able to witness restoration and preservation first-hand and we’ve seen immediate benefits. However, for these efforts to endure, we need to advocate for both behavioral and policy change. From the implementation of zero waste practices to improved recycling efforts to the creation of sustainability plans, we each need to become advocates and supporters of our local government’s efforts.


Project Front Yard Partners

Get Inspired!

“Project Front Yard is an initiative that brings business, residents and government together to address what our community looks like. It’s about more than litter on the side of the road. It’s about visual pollution. It’s about non-existent or unattractive gateways into the community. It’s about integrating green infrastructure as the community grows. It’s about encouraging and supporting public art projects. It’s about community pride! These issues are important to everyone- the businesses who operate here, our residents, and our prospective businesses, their employees and people who may move to the region. That is why Project Front Yard is so important to LEDA and our business development efforts. Project Front Yard is one way to ensure our community will be the best Lafayette we can be.”

Gregg Gothreaux | President & CEO | Lafayette Economic Development Authority

“The first impression from a visitor to our a community is an important one. While we have the best food, music, and culture in the world, unfortunately we don’t always provide a great first impression in terms of the beauty and cleanliness of our city. Project Front Yard is a catalyst to change that, along with changing a culture of people not having the pride to take care of their property, streets,  landscapes. We are proud to be a partner with Project Front Yard as we work to improve our great City and Parish to make it even better, cleaner and more visually appealing.”

Ben Berthelot | President & CEO | Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission

“Project Front Yard is a strategic enabler of environmental sustainability and community beautification in Lafayette – both of which are critical to economic development within our community. All three elements are exactly why this program is such an important aspect of our local partnerships. Yardley and team directly contribute to making Lafayette a great place to live, work, and play for all our CGI members and their families.”

Will LaBar | Vice President | CGI Federal

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